2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Engineering (ICBAIE 2022)

Call for paper

Call For Paper


2022 3rd International Conference on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Engineering (ICBAIE 2022) will be held during July 15-17, 2022, as Virtual Conference for experienced and practical researchers from academia and industry working in the related fields to share and discuss the most advanced researches and future academic directions. We’re calling for papers now not limited in these topics below:

Please find the CFP in PDF format Here


I.  Big Data and Cloud Computing

II.  Technologies & Application of AI

1) Models and algorithms of Big Data

2) Architecture of Big Data 

3) Big Data Management 

4) Big Data Analysis and Processing

5) Security and Privacy of Big Data    

6) Big Data in Smart Cities  

7) Search,  Mining and Visualization of Big Data

8) Technologies,  Services and Application of Big   Data  

9) Edge Computing 

10) Architectures and systems of Cloud   Computing  

11) Models,  Simulations, Designs,  and Paradigms of Cloud Computing  

12) Management and operations of Cloud Computing 

13) Technologies, services and Applications of Cloud Computing 

14) Dynamic resource supply and consumption  

15) Management and Analysis of Geospatial Big Data 

16) UAV Oblique photography and ground 3D real scene modeling 

17) Aerial photography of UAV loaded with multispectral sensors 

1) Basic Theory and Application of Artificial Intelligence 

2) Knowledge Science and Knowledge Engineering  

3) Machine Learning and Data Mining    

4) Machine Perception and Virtual Reality  

5)   Natural Language Processing and Understanding  

6) Neural Network and Deep Learning

7) Pattern Recognition Theory and Application

8) Rough Set and Soft Computing 

9) Biometric Identification  

10) Computer Vision and Image Processing  

11) Evolutionary Calculation 

12) Information Retrieval and Web Search  

13) Intelligent Planning and Scheduling

14) Intelligent Control 

15) Classification and change detection of remote sensing images or aerial images

III.    Robotics Science and Engineering

IV.  Internet of Things and Sensor Technology

1) Robot control  

2) Mobile robotics  

3) Intelligent pension robots  

4) Mobile sensor networks

5) Perception systems

6) Micro robots and micro-manipulation    

7) Visual serving  

8) Search,  rescue and field robotics

9) Robot sensing and data fusion  

10) Indoor localization and navigation 

11) Dexterous manipulation

12) Medical robots and bio-robotics    

13) Human centered systems  

14) Space and underwater robots

15) Tele-robotics

1) Technology architecture of Internet of things 

2) Sensors in Internet of   things 

3) Perception technology of Internet of things information 

4) Multi terminal cooperative control and Internet of things intelligent terminal

5) SDN and intelligent service   network 

6) technology and its application in the Internet of things  

7) Cloud computing and big data in the Internet of things  

8) Information analysis and processing of  Internet of things  

9) CPS technology and intelligent information system  

10) Internet of things technology standard 

11) Internet of things information security 

12) Narrow Band Internet of Things(NB-IoT) 

13) Smart Cities 

14) Smart Farming 

15) Smart Grids  

16) Digital health/Telehealth/Telemedicine 

Statement of ICBAIE 2022


1. Please prepare your paper in WORD and PDF format.

2. The official language of the papers will be English, other languages are not acceptable even in Figures or Tables. Please check your papers’ grammars and refer to ICBAIE 2022-Template to prepare final vision.
3. The construction of the papers should be complete, includes title, author information, abstract, keywords, introduction, methods and materials, conclusions and references.
4. Papers should be originality and quality. Plagiarism must be rejected.
5. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by at least 2 reviewers in double-blind review method.
6. Each paper should be at least 4 pages.

7. we recommend use the platform of  AIS Scholar to submit your manuscript.

8. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the ICBAIE 2022 conference secretary email: icbaie@163.com


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